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Ruins of the Zuvačov Castle

Zuvačov was a gothic castle with a reference to the castle having been deserted going back as far as 1517. The remaining ruins of the castle are located approximately 1.5 kilometers east of the town on a solitary hill (elevation 418.7 m.s.l.). Located on the top of the hill is flat area about 30 meters in diameter. On the western edge of the hilltop, just above where the access path to the hill empties out, is a location rising up about 6 meters, which are the remains of the castle's tower. The tower had a diameter of about 9 meters and the only places where the remains of the tower's walls are still visible are the roots of the trees now growing on the site. Otherwise, the ruins are covered with soil. The remains of the second, larger part of the castle extend up a height of about 5 meters less than the remains of the tower itself. The remains of the castle provide an undulating look to the terrain of the hilltop – the remains of the original structure can't be clearly discerned and the floor plan can't be clearly ascertained. 

Running around and 17 meters below the structure of the castle are the remains of an old moat, which is heavily filled in with fallen rocks on the north and south faces of what would have been the castle. The moat is therefore not very deep (2-3 meters). To the west, the moat is carved into the rock and it is about 12 meters wide. This section is followed by a somewhat narrower one (about 6 meters) and by an access way that curves up towards the castle. The castle was built using quarried stone.