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Podšable is an amateur youth group that performs dances that are part of the traditional local carnival, as well as other traditional regional dances. The objective of the group is to preserve various local customs and traditions and the original Komňa folk costume. The history of the group goes back to the 1950's when groups of local enthusiasts used to perform the traditional Komňa carnival dances at the festival in Strážnice. The group began with mostly older local residents who were born with a love and feel for the local folk music, traditional dances and costumes.   
 In 1996, the town was approached by Mr. Renat Van Craenenbroeck from Belgium, who spent some time researching sword dances throughout Europe, including Komňa. He asked the town to send a group of dancers to perform the traditional local carnival dance at a festival in England. On May 29, 1996, a group of 30 locals (of whom 13 were musicians) boarded a bus to take their first ever trip outside of the Czech Republic and crossed the English Channel to Scarborough in northern England. At the festival, the group performed under the name Podšable and was very favorably received by the audiences. The success of the group led to invitations to other festivals – in both 2000 and 2004. The group also performed in Croatia in 2000 and it was invited to perform at a 2006 English festival in Goathland. In 2000, the group won an award at the international folk festival in Strážnice.
5) [800x600].JPG[3].jpThe group's other performances of note have included an appearance at a festival in Uherský Brod in 2002 and an appearance at the outdoor museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

 In 2006, a group of 12 young dancers (ages 15 – 20) got together and since then, they have been regularly rehearsing the traditional carnival dances under the leadership of Ms. Tamara Urbánková. The group is accompanied by a six-member ensemble of musicians from the Komňané brass band and together they have adopted the name 'Podšable'. Their debut performance took place at the Kopaničářské Slavnosti folk festival in 2006 and they also performed at the Komňa Feast where, in addition to the traditional carnival dances, they also performed a series of traditional Moravian folk dances ('Moravská Beseda'), which was last performed in Komňa in the 1950's. The group is currently preparing for a performance at a sword dance festival which is to take place in the English city of York in May of this year.


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