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General information

Contact and Identification Information

Official Name: Town of Komna
Associated Areas: none
Address: Town
Telephone: 572 641 140
Fax: 572 641 597
Identification Number: 00207438
Číslo účtu: 14 82 47 21 / 0100,
bank: KB, Uhersky Brod
Statistické údaje
Number of Municipal Districts: 1
Total Area: 1,635 ha
Elevation: 364 meters above sea level
Population: 559 (as of January 1st, 2008)
Average Age: 39
Post Office: no (Bojkovice) 
Health Care Facility: no
Police: no
School: yes 
Municipal Water: yes
Piped Gas: yes
Sewage (Wastewater treatment plant) yes