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Elementary school and Kindergarten
of Jan Amos Komensky2) [800x600].JP


id no:  70999724
school id:  600 124 207
address:  Komna 169,687 71 Bojkovice
statutory rep.:  Ivana Dubovská
managers:  Ivana Dubovská   (KG)
  Miroslava Šašinková  (ES)
telephone (ES):  572 641 363
telephone (KG): 572 641 583
number of students in the 2007/08 school year: 32
number of teaching staff:  3
other staff:  1
e-mail (ES):
e-mail (KG):



opening hours (KG):  Mon.-Fri.   8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
opening hours (ES):  Mon.-Fri.   11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.



 The elementary school of Jan Amos Komenský in Komňa is housed in a two-story building located in the lower part of the village. Located next to the school is the Church of St. James and behind the school is a recreational facility, which is used by the students for physical activities. The school was given its current name in 1992 on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the birth of J. A. Komenský (John Amos Comenius), a famous Czech educator, scientist and writer, whose parents came from this town. 

Since 2003, the school has been functioning in a single facility with a kindergarten, an after-school care facility and a school cafeteria. Together, these amenities are integrated into a single legal entity, which operates as the town's allowance organization. The school cafeteria and the after-school care facility are located in the rear section of the building where the kindergarten is also located.

In terms of its number of students, the school in Komňa is one of the smallest schools within the local district. The school uses a system of combined classrooms. It has 3 classrooms, which are attended by students in the first through the fifth grades. The education of the school's students is based on Komenský's principles and the 'LEARN THROUGH PLAY' concept, which is also the name of the school's educational program. Due to the use of the combined classroom system, the teaching process taking place at the school is challenging, while at the same time it is stimulating and enjoyable for the both students and teachers. The teaching methods followed by the school are designed to encourage independent thinking on the part of the children while engendering a passion for and knowledge of the rural environment. Both the local residents and the town council are highly interested in keeping the school in operation.

The school's cafeteria prepares approximately 75 lunches per day and, in addition to the students, it also provides meals for the school's employees, local senior citizens and employees of local businesses. The cafeteria also offers 'meals-on-wheels' type services.
Besides a number of special interest clubs with activities such as flute playing, aerobics, art and the sciences, the school also offers religion as an optional subject.

In past years and also this year, the school's students have been attending swimming lessons at the Delfín Aqua Park in Uherský Brod.
The town's school has always been the cultural center of the village and we are trying to continue the school's contribution to village life today. Throughout the school year, we have been organizing a number of cultural and sports events and competitions in partnership with various local community groups and associations. These have included such events as a local carnival, mothers' day, a kite flying competition, a conversation with hunters, book forums, 'table olympics', a school beauty pageant, the 'Caruso Show', etc. 

History of Education in Komňa
 The local school was first established in Komňa in 1781 in response to the introduction of mandatory school attendance by the Empress Maria Teresa in 1774.  Classes were taught in Municipal Building Number 134 and the first school was attended by almost 100 children The curriculum included reading, writing and mathematics. A new – current – school building was erected in 1855.

1).JPKomňa School Principals

1781 – 1817  Jan Werner
1821 – 1860  Antonín Zambal
1860 – 1887  Julius Machek
1887 – 1916  František Tománek
1916 – 1918  World War I
1919 – 1940   Miloslav Lacman
1940 – 1945  Viktor Adamec
1945 – 1964  Jaroslav Veverka
1964 – 1965  Jarmila Mudrochová
1965 – 1972  Věra Veverková
1972 – 1973  Ludmila Sedlačíková
1973 – 1990  Jarmila Mudrochová
1990 – 1996  Jindřiška Březovjáková
1996 – 2000  Alena Staníková
2000 – 2002  Anna Guryčová
2002 – 2003  Petra Ogrodníková
2003 – 2004  Ivana Dubovská
2004 – 2007  Ivana Šobáňová
2007 – current Ivana Dubovská