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Brass band Komnane

The 'Komňané' brass band represents a big part of Komňa's cultural life. The bands repertoire includes a colorful selection of well-known compositions and songs, mostly by Moravian composers (B. Smišovský, V. Maňas, M. R. Procházka, etc.), a range of different types of dance music and also Czech brass band compositions by Vacek, Vejvoda, Poncar, Kubeš and others. The band has also worked together with the well-known Brno composer Miloš Machek. 

 Brass band music has a long tradition in Komňa going back to the 19th century. The tradition was revived in 1926 when a group of young musicians got together in the local school and reinitiated the tradition of local musical activities by making an official entry into the records of the school. The current members of the band have successfully appeared as guests performers at festivals in Britain (Scarborough, York, Goathland and Whitby), Switzerland (Altstätten) and the Croatian island of Korčula. The band has also performed several times in Slovakia. The 'Komňané' brass band regularly performs at cultural and social events – not just in Komňa but also in the surrounding towns, where it is carrying on the tradition which was born in this small village of the White Carpathians.
 The 'Komňané' brass band are an essential part of the local region, which they try and represent by carrying on the long tradition of the band, following up on the heritage left to them by their predecessors and the founders of this brass ensemble. The band is always there for the local residents to enjoy their music and they put the carrying on of the local tradition above commercial interests. The band regularly performs as part of religious ceremonies that are part of Christmas, Easter and Whit Sunday celebrations. The band has also organized tastings of traditional plum brandy. During Christmas, the band makes appearances at retirement homes in the surrounding area where it performs for senior citizens who can often use a bit of extra Christmas cheer at this sometimes lonely time of the year. There are also a number of other events during which the band makes an appearance such as the local carnival and other traditional happenings. In order to help secure their future, the band tries to recruit young starting-out musicians with whom they practice on a regular weekly basis. The brass band also accompanies the Podšable amateur youth group, which performs as part of the local carnival, doing traditional regional dances. In 2000, both the band and the youth group won an award at the international folk festival in Strážnice. 

 Band Leader Štěpán Urbánek

Komňa 222 
687 71 Bojkovice   
tel.:    572 641 371   
mobile: 739 291 890 

 Radislav  Dolina

Komňa 290
687 71 Bojkovice
tel.:    572 642 347
mobile: 774 190 085